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Why Core College Counseling?


Planning to attend college is a bit like planning a vacation. You begin by determining where you would like to go and why that location would suit your needs. Then, you consider the details: the weather, the cost, the proximity to an airport, the kind of attire required and what other amenities are offered. And, when your vacation is well-planned, you have a lovely experience.

Similarly, as you begin to explore your post-graduation possibilities, you will discover that you have more than 3000 college choices! Certainly, the location, the cost, the weather and the proximity to an airport are important considerations, but other criteria should be explored because you will be spending four years at your destination.

Discovering the “best” schools for YOU is why you may want to work with an independent college counselor. You probably know the names of 50-100 colleges, but an independent college counselor can direct you to hundreds of schools that are perfect for YOU! Whether you are considering staying in California to attend college or you are thinking about attending college in Maine, a college counselor can help you refine your choices. And, when you are unsure of the differences between schools that seem similar, a college counselor will help you discover the schools that best “fit” your needs.

Most high schools have counselors who can assist in this research; however, most high school counselors have too many students to be able to work individually with each student. An independent college counselor will work with each student and his/her family to create a plan for high school and college. Working with an independent college counselor will make the planning less stressful and the resulting research will be more focused, educational and enjoyable.

Good Luck on your journey!