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College Testing

Colleges require that students take standardized tests in order to normalize every student’s high school’s grades with other students grades, nationwide. Today, every school in America (except for Cal Tech and MIT) will accept either the SAT or the ACT scores. Therefore, it is to your advantage to take both tests. All colleges will examine ALL of your test scores, eliminate your worst scores and retain your BEST scores!
Please note: “Score Choice” is a new factor that the SAT has instituted; I suggest that you do not use this selection. Most students almost always improve their scores the second time that they take the SAT or the ACT; however, when students take these tests three or more times, either the scores do not change at all or there is an insignificant change in the numbers.

Therefore, because these tests are devised for Juniors (at the end of the Junior year), and Seniors (at the beginning of the Senior year), students should wait to take these tests until the end of the JUNIOR YEAR and then re-test in the Fall of the Senior Year. Additionally, it is important to note that when testing in May, a student may request the “Questions and Answers” for an additional fee. After receiving the scores and reviewing the pertinent information, the student may wish to: 1. Hire a tutor for a “weak” area; 2. Enroll in a test prep. class to help improve his/her scores; or, 3. If self-motivated, the student may wish to stay at home and use the many study aides available!

Testing dates:

Junior Year April AP Tests
Junior Year May SAT (1st Saturday of the month) Request “Questions & Answers”
Junior Year June SAT Subject Tests
Junior Year June ACT (2nd Saturday of the month)
Summer Additional SAT/ACT preparation
Senior Year September ACT**
Senior Year October SAT**

**However, both of these tests may be taken as late as December without any penalty!!